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We are the Bristol based Barn Dance, Country Dance, eceilidh, Ceilidh Dance or Folk Dance Band that everyone has heard about, but that are so elusive that no one knows how to contact us. We are not to be confused with other admirable bands within this musical genre that may have a similar name. One day we will find about who's been around the longest - if that really matters!

We play predominantly English traditional dance music, but also pick appropriate Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Danish, French, Swedish, German, French-Canadian and American tunes that suit our style of playing. Most importantly the music is for dancing, uniquely Cats Whiskers play for fun - we enjoy playing lively tunes. We believe that its our enthusiasm for cracking good tunes that really are good to dance exudes from our performance to bring pleasure, fun and laughs to our audience what ever the event.

We specialise in playing for events that have novices, dance virgins, beginners, non-folkies, the anti-morris dancer league, as well as coping with hard toed eceilidh fanatics, and well stuffed wedding guests. Birthday bashes and retirement hair downers (sorry not hoe-downers) secret anniversaries, Village Hops, Harvest Homes,
PTA fund raisers, Barbies, Marquees, we'll do it!!

We will provide you with a caller and six musicians playing a mix of instruments that makes Cats Whiskers style of music unique. Andy Brewer on Bass Guitar; Dave Byett on Trombone and Melodeon; Nigel Cooke on Melodeons and Anglo Concertina; Glynn Hooson Owen on Drums or even Accoustic guitar; Tom Randall on Banjo; Paul Rosser on Electric Bridge Fiddle and electro-accoustic Mandolin. Occasionally we may be joined by Pippa Cooke on Clarinet and Peter Vowles on Piano Accordion or Keyboards; Jeremy Cooke on Drums or Nick Cooke on Melodeon.

Dave on 'Bone

Contact us by phone on 01934 862698 or by email to to discuss your planned event further.

Cats Whiskers Music for dancing